T. Byron K. (studioappal) wrote,
T. Byron K.

Advent~Omega (Book # 13) /Chapter 1 "Resurrection"-Poem# 9

"And his raiment became shining
exceeding white as snow; so as no fuller
on earth can white them."
Mark 9:3

Transfiguration- [I forgive]. Laocoon seed, Holy water fall, is it all
an end...Laocoon seed, time spent searching this sky of Faith
all now turned to Love-Inside Love or every certitude, beyond the dusk of
our every question/ True Imagination as Light- I Love you, poem
of forever, precious hope of one life / this way or truth bespoken
out of an indignant elsewhere/ bright those fragile flower fronds/
Noon sharp prisms of light may find
that delicate curve of water hyacinth/ deep jade August mystery
you kiss me and whisper of Autumn's golden tresses; O her hair of
corn silk and amber grain/ yellow sun-ward pumpkin flowers/ O raven feathered
sister of Winter, your pale eyes shine of (blue) limitless
sky, leaves Summered by the hand of eternity- one promise which unifies
everything, one careful gesture [of Love], one singular reaching,
inside. Wonderful way/ to order out of secrecy/ toward that
predestined harmony/ portion of time-clock ardour symphony/ for
what was given between here and bejeweled Heaven. Though I want to
turn it inside out with my mind at times/ within the childhood
dream, I asked for you [Father] And when I feel gone and lost
again, only you were there. And it was everything between us from
the beginning/  O to praise this Light within/ Highest destination,
clime thrown freedom urge-enmity's crossing.

Late Summer

"No Secrecy in Art"
-Wm. Blake
"The Laocoon"
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