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Digital Archive

I always suggest to my students if they are writers that they begin and keep a digital archive of their work. When I first began writing back in 1987 I did not have a computer and I wrote all of my poems in long hand (and still do). By the time I did have a computer in 1998 I found LiveJournal which has served as an archive and workstation for me since then @ https://tbyronk.livejournal.com
Any good blog platform will do, but LiveJournal has a "tags" feature for each post that allows you to create categories, you can also share or keep them private. We spend a lot of time these days looking at/liking other people's writing online, LiveJournal is a place that the time you have could be invested in your actual work (if you are writer) and it could prove enjoyable to share on. There is also an app to add LJ to Facebook if you like as well.

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