T. Byron K. (studioappal) wrote,
T. Byron K.

Pax/Long Branch WVa

Much of my family on my Father's side are from Pax/Long Branch WVa. I remember several mystical journeys in my childhood to visit the family house with the Kelly men, the abandoned mine that my Grandfather worked in, (and his Father worked as well) the family grave yard hidden up the Hollow with beautiful old headstones and stories my Dad told of Big Rock. The old player piano in the house was still miraculously in tune. The quiet calm of my Uncle V. Byron Kelly, who was a pilot in Korea and Viet Nam and learning to play chess for the first time with my smart Cousin Glenn. There was even a secret family handshake imparted- we were sworn to secrecy about sharing it with any ladies in our family, but I later learned they all knew it too.

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