T. Byron K. (studioappal) wrote,
T. Byron K.

Great Blue Hills of God

I first remember the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia as a child,
driving into them from North Virginia with my family was inspirational
and awe inspiring. I began to wander through the Jefferson and George
Washington National Forests while I attended Virginia Tech and
in search of a poem, which I often found beside the New River, at the edge
of a cliff on Moutain Lake we called "the Rock" and in the deep woods beside
Caldwell Fields. Later on I discoverd an old School House at the
other side of Pilot Mountain and was inspired to have poetry shows there
and create a little library, it is the spirit mists and the open air of incline and sleepy blue
pine that still keep me wandering out there.

"The Cherokee Indians called the Blue Ridge Mountains 'the Great Blue Hills of God' "

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