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Robert Bly

I just came across a photo of Robert Bly on his farm in
2009 and thought about how important his poetry has been
to me over the years and his teaching as well. I was given an anthology
Bly had Edited and a video back around 1990-92 or so. The book was titled
"The Rag & Bone Shop of The Heart" and I recently purchased the hardback
version of it because I love it so much. The video was a tape of a Bill Moyer's PBS
special that featured Robert Bly and his work with the men's movement at the time.
It was called "A Gathering of Men" and in it Bly performs spoken word poems
with music and lectures gatherings of men. The poetry is transcendent and beautiful
and his reading of "The Wind One Brilliant Day" inspired me to perform it with my own
band later on. There is a healing component to Bly's work, but not without digging around
in the "mud" of everyday life and going through the grief that all of us face first. I always
thought of Robert Bly as one of my Spiritual Fathers, a Poet who cares about truth and Souls

From August 17th 2019
My family gave me a copy of a Robert Bly video back in 1989 that made a great impression on me. Robert Bly writes striking poems and is a truth bearer, a traveler downward through the grief, "making a hole in denial". Bly's reading of "The Wind One Brilliant Day" has stuck with me all of these years @

"We learned to lie about life early. Alice Miller in Prisoners of Childhood and For Your Own Good notes how fiercely children who have suffered abuse from parents will resist the truth. The child does not want to confront. The child will defend the parent, insisting that it deserved beating, and the abuse was done for 'my own good.'
Goethe in his poem "The Invisible King" declares that there are ominous and dangerous forces in the other world, both female and male in tone. When the rationalist European father refuses to see the horrors that mythology has talked of for centuries, the children -in this case the son-dies.
The corporate deniers own television. We can forget about that.There's no hope in commercial television at all.The schools teach denial by not teaching, and the student's language is so poor that they can't do anything but deny."

Robert Bly
Making a Hole in Denial
From-The Rag and Bone Shop
of the Heart

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