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I have lived on the borderlands of West Virginia for most of my life, it is a beautful region on the far Eastern edge of Appalachia in Montgomery County Virginia. I have wandered the Jefferson National Forests for decades now and more recently crossed over Pilot Mountian countless times to reach a 100 year old School House where I have a small art studio. I have often wondered about the fragmentation of the state of Virginia into West Virginia and recently found a book by a native West Virginian titled West Virginia, The Illegal State that I found to be most interesting. It does suggest the possibility of reunification with old Virginia, or East Virginia as I have called it, but I find that idea highly unlikely because the people in West Virginia are quite independent and resiliant on their own (despite years of political corruption and corporate abuses).  There were sentiments to remain united to Virginia during the Civil War as well, Monroe County supported the Confederate cause and there were soldiers that refused to fight for the North.
I spoke with Michael Abraham, the Author of "The Spine of The Virginias" at Solitude of Virginia Tech about the idea of a reunification as well a while back, he said he had written an article titled "Is West Virignia Necessary". My thinking is yes it is necessary to allow West Virignia to remain a soverign state because the people there voted it into being and continue to be proud to be from there and to remain there. I think it is because I have family from both Virignia and West Virginia that I have this perspective. I have been in favor of renaming Virginia to East Virginia out of respect for years now.

"During the Civil War, Monroe County favored the South. Ninety-five percent of men eligible for military service were in one of the 12 locally formed units that served the Confederate States. As a result of its Southern allegiance Monroe County was occupied by Union forces for three years after the war."

West Virginia: The Illegal State by Jeremy T.K. Farley https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692567429/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_3ApeEbK908932 via @amazon
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