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T. Byron K.

The Virginias

There once was a single Virginia until the great divide of 1863. I live in a part of Virginia that is about 40 minutes from the West Virginia border. I have crossed over into West Virginia and back again many times, usually while wandering the National Forests or going to one of our music shows in Bluefield or Bramwell-it is indeed a wild and beautuful place where the mountains are preeminent. My family on my Father's side are all from Pax WVa. originially. I noticed the idea put forth recently (called Vexit) which invites counties of Virginia that are unhappy with the current legislstion in Richmond to join the state of West Virginia by voting to do so. The governor of West Virginia has also signed on with Vexit and welcomes any counties that wish to join the Mountain State to come forward. In many ways the landscape in Western Virginia and the towns near the border are already similar (much of the region being in Appalachia).  I am not sure if I could get used to the Univeristy I attended being called West Virginia Polytechnic Institute, but it is possible I guess. If we really think about the fact that all of Virignia and West Virginia were indigenous lands that were commandeered long ago, stuck with flags and given new boundary lines it makes the notion of that somehow shifting at any time seem less startling. Our family homes currently reside (truthfully) on Catawba Indian lands.

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