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T. Byron K.

"Time is a straight plantation"

To Bishop Sigrist-
I think Proust's book is more non-linear in many respects, and defies the awkward tradition of the novel, which has the art form kind of stuck in a kind of quick sand for generations now. Part of the appeal of the novel is the incessant need for literalism and Proust's work is more poetic or suggestive I believe. I remember Jim Morrison said "Time is a straight plantation" and this line always st
ruck me somehow as well. Remembrance is a book of memories and this is something we all have in common really in our own minds and hearts, we are carrying it with us all the time actually. I started to write a poetry version of this idea a few years back titled Vandalia, it is a poetic memoir and is about half finished now. I don't think it was something I could have begun at age 25 or 40, it took some years behind it to undertake.
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